It has been a LONG time
A Happy Heart one more time

Notice anything missing?

Have you noticed that there is a section missing from the Spring-Summer 2009 catalog?   What?  Where are  the Stampin' Supplies?  Yes, the section that lists all the supplies that were used to make the samples is MIA!  The decision to take that section out and instead use those pages to show more product was made.  Frankly, I love it and do not fear you can find the Stampin Supplies HERE.   What is really nice is a picture of the sample is right next to the list of supplies so it is very easy to use.  There is also a DORMANT list which are stamp sets that are still available for purchase but not featured in the catalog.  Check the dormant list out HERE.   One of my FAVORITE sets is on the dormant list- Inspired by Nature.    

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