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Manly Treat Bag revisted

I received some questions about the Man's shirt treat bag featured in this post.  Some of you wondered why I made it so small since the smallest cello bag SU sells is 3" x 5".  This is a great question and here's why.  When I thought about making this treat bag I thought that I would used the Sizzix Scallop bag die (I think the real reason was I wanted to buy the die).  By using the die I only had to do the scoring for the collar. 

Here is the treat bag re-done to use the SU 3 x 5 cello bag.

002 copy



  003 copy 

Here are the 2 shirts.  I guess you could also say one is a medium shirt and the other extra large.  The basic construction is the same.  Here are the new measurements:  3 1/4" x 9 3/4".  score at 4" and 5".  The side that is longer is where you will score and cut for the collar.  Place the 3 1/4" side at the top and measure down 3/4" on both sides and  from the 3/4" measure and cut 1" in.

006 copy 

Fold the tabs in to form the collar.  Add the buttons, pocket and top stitich as you please!  I just realized that you could also add a little pocket on the inside and insert a gift card.   Brilliant huh?  I hope I am the one who gets to go when he uses this gift card!   My hostess clubs are making this project this month.  I hope they like it!  I forgot to tell you that this paper is from the Sweet Slumber Specialty pack.  It is a ittle heavier and textured, it looks like seersucker.  This pack as well as the original paper I used, Parisian Breeze is on the Last Chance Accesories list.  Hurry and order it before they are gone!