12 Days of Holiday Sales
Simple little note

Winners and Birthdays

Sorry, I am posting this  a little later than I had planned.  We left early this morning to attend WSU's graduation and see a friend of ours receive her Ph.D!  WOW is all I can say!   We of course had to stop and have a celebratory lunch but I am back now and ready to tell you who won the sets.  The first name the winner picker picked ...Lisa K!  She won the Snow Buddies set and Karice S won the Holiday Best set.   Send me an email and I will make arrangements to get those sets to you!

Today is also my son affectionately known as "the Boy" 21st birthday!  I know you are wondering how can I have a child who is already 21!?!  I cannot quite figure that one out myself.  Anyway,  I was going to have a cake delivered or ask one of his friend's to get one for him but then decided on something home/handmade.  First of all let me tell you that I am blessed to have friends who are very talented.  If it were left up to me they would not look anything like this.

Can you guess which ones I made?  I was stressed trying to make the ace and the 10!  Gail made the hard ones the King, Queen and Jack.  She did a terrific job, don't you think?  AnneMarie made Patrick and did a fabulous job capturing the essence of Patrick the platypus.   These cookies are about 3" x 5" and frosted with candy melts.  Like I said I am a lucky girl to have such talented friends.  The cookies made it safely to the boy and he was very impressed.  Happy Birthday, Love Ya!!!