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Last Chance for the Trio Flower punch

So, have you checked out the Last Chance lists?  Did you notice that on the Last Chance Accesories list there were a lot of punches listed?  If there was a check mark in the reconfigured block that means it will be back but in the newer punch style.  One of my favorite punches is being retired, the Trio Flower punch. 

Trioflower punch deal of the week 1 10-09
I use this punch a LOT!  It is a great size and is just one of those punches that comes in really handy for punch art.  I was looking through my punch book and was surprised at how often I used it.  Here is a sample I don't think I shared before that uses the Trio Flower punch.

008 copy

I hope you thought geranium as soon as you saw it.  I used the trio flower punch a lot on this card. The nice thing about the punch is that it punches out 3 of the same flower so getting all those flowers punched for the geranium did not take long at all.  I also used the scallop circle and 5 petal flower punches.   I know that I also made some lilacs using the Trio Flower punch.  Don't miss out on this punch call me or order online through  my website


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