Last Chance for the Petal Card die
Quick Coloring and a sneak peek

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Here's another fun way to use the Petal Die for the Big Shot. 

Yes, you can make it into a BOX!  It really is easy and here's how you make it.

You will need to cut out 4 of the petal cards.  On each one cut off one of the flaps.

 Overlap the flaps and glue.  Make sure you have them all adhered to each other in the same direction and side. 

Before you do the next step go ahead and decorate the box sides.  Believe me it is so much easier to do it now vs once the box is put together.

Glue the last flap and complete the box.  Now fold down the flaps and seal it so it looks like this.

Decorate to your hearts content.


 Do the same to the bottom and you have a box!  Pretty nifty huh?  Okay now do you need the die?   



Oh my word, that box is just too cute and I am such a sucker for little boxes. Sharon, you have GOT to quit doing this, now I "think" I need that die too!

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