Checking in from Nashville

More from the display boards at SU Leadership

The eye candy at Stampin'UP Leadership was amazing.  The display boards were really stunning.  Here are a few more things that really caught my eye.

Aren't these simply amazing little snowflakes?  But wait a minute they are made up of keys!  Yes, these little beauties were made from the Trinket keys on page 24 of the Occasions mini catalog!  Wish my mind worked like this.

Wouldn't it be great to have a real cupcake tree?  I would love a Red Velvet cupcake tree that also grew some German Chocolate and Limoncello cupcakes.   I guess until the time comes that someone comes up with one I will have to be happy to make one out of the cupcake punch on page 22 of the Occasions mini catalog!  Isn't this just too cute!

Hold on to your socks cause this next one might knock them off!


Yes, the key made out of keys is pretty cool but the one that really amazed me was the portrait of Shelly Gardner (co-founder of SU) made out of Glimmer brads!  Isn't that incredible?  

All of these embellishments and more can be found in the Occasions mini catalog.  I just ordered more so let me know if you need a copy and I will get one to you!


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