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Punchy Flowers for Your Friday

It is another cloudy day here.  We had one glorious day of sunshine and blue skies but we are now back to the gray.  I wanted some bright colors in my day so I pulled out the Sunny Garden DSP, the Bold Blossom stamp set and my Blossom Bouquet Triple Layer punch.

Here's what the Blossom BouquetTriple Layer punch looks like.

014 copy

The button above the punch image is what you need to slide to change what you punch.  The position that is shown is what I call punch 3.  The other thing you need to know about these punches is when you are using punch 1 you will feel/hear 1 click, with punch 2 you will hear 2, and with punch 3  you will hear 3.  This is important because if you do not feel the second or third click then the punch has not punched through the layer.  I hope that makes sense.  When you get your punch this will all become clear.

Here are the different punches you get in this one great punch!

Punch1  Punch 2 Punch 3
  Punch 1                          Punch 2                        Punch 3

006 copy
punch 2 and punch 3

009 copy
 punch 1 and punch 3

005 copy

Want to make your own Blossom Bouquet punchy flowers?  All you need to do is go to my SU Website, and you can shop on my online store.  Hope your day is a sunny one!