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Yesterday I was out running errands and stopped in at a coffee shop to relax before tackling the rest of my errands.  I have been having some shoulder issues  and was rubbing my shoulders when a woman asked me if she could  give me a shoulder massage.  I was tongue tied and did not know what to say.  She started in and oh my goodness it felt so good!  She had  noticed me rubbing  my shoulder and wanted to help me. Wasn't that so kind of her?    She told me that she would be around for a few more minutes and if I wanted her to massage my shoulder again before she left she would be happy to do so.  I thanked her and wanted to do something else to show my appreciation.   The line was too long to get a gift card before she left and then i remembered that I had some cards (still working on July birthday cards!)  .  I quickly found them and luckily I had envelopes too.  She stopped by before leaving and asked me how I was doing.  I thanked her again and gave her the cards and envelopes.  She was so happy and gave me a hug. We both went on our way and hopefully we both left feeling a little better and appreciated.

This act of kindness started me thinking and I decided to make some small notecards to have on hand.  These cards are not fancy and did not take long to make and you know I have the supplies already!

  Best of Everything 3 x 3
I am working on a box that will hold these little cards and envelopes.   Just a little something to say thank you or to brighten someone's day.  I will share the box when I get it done.

Thanks for stopping by!  Leave me a comment and tell me what random act of kindness happened to you today?


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