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How Great is This?

Isn't technology incredible?  Yes, there are days that I sit in front of the computer wondering why it won't do what i want it to and many times I cannot even figure out what I want it to do!  Then there are times that i just marvel at what can be done with phones and cameras .  Here's an example, I got a text message and photos which made me all kinds of happy.

Let me introduce some of the members of my "Advanced" Club from Spokane.


Lisa and jody

009advancedAren't they just so CUTE?    Let me tell you these women are very special to me and they are so much fun!  Oh, the stories that could be told!  They got together and made one of the projects from my 12 Weeks of Christmas newsletter.  It made me so happy to see their faces and their project!  Love it!  Thanks so much I almost felt like I was there with you!  Miss you, "Advanced"  Stampers and keep the pictures coming!

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