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The Elegant Bird die and More of February 12 in 12s

Elegant Bird Valentine

It always seems to happen this way.  I plan a day of stamping and nothing happens, no inspiration, no  nothing.   I know tomorrow when I have a busier day planned I will be itching to get into my stamp room.    It is crazy.  This is about all I could come up with and it could not get any simpler.  

Elegant bird die with heartI was going to send this to the Boy but before I do I am going to cut a new wing for this bird.   Maybe I am being silly but I just think  it would be better with another wing.   

I am going out for a slow walk.  As predicted I am a little sore.  Actually I feel great as long as I don't move.  Maybe after my slow walk I will  be a little more inspired.   Hope you are having a wonderfully creative day!




LOL! first thing I do when I come to a site is to look at the card! and when i saw what was written on the "wiong" I thought to self, "Oh my! UTIs and childbirth. what's with that?" Love the card ... am in total agreement that this giy needs a new wing! hahahaha! Love your work! I come here every day to see what you've been up to! <3

sharon burkert

Thank you for checking in with me. I have changed the wing and it is much better now! Funny I did not even notice it until I took the picture. I am sure the Boy would not have noticed but once I saw it I could not send it.
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