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Fresh Vintage and More Swaps from the Stamp Ladies

More Two-A-Days and Thank Goodness for Swaps!

I have now shown you all the beautiful projects availabe to you when you subscribe to  Craft Project Central  for the month of January.   It was really a great months worth of projects.  This means that my Two-A-Days will be coming to an end.  I will continue to post regularly so keep checking on on me.

Here's another card from the Stamp Ladies swap.  This card was made by Gail Kaisaki.  

SL1-12 swap Gail
So cute and cheerful.  This card does have a secret and let me show you.

Cool huh?  Let me give you the dimensions which will help you see the shape.

It is 8 1/2" wide at the bottom and 4 1/4" at the top.  The length is  8 1/4".
The top score (from the 4 1/4" side) is 2 3/4".
At the bottom it is scored at 2 1/8" from each edge.

This is a really fun card and I am definitely going to make some cards using this template.  Thanks Gail!

Check back with me tomorrow and I will share more of the cards with you.  



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