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That's An Eggcellent Mustache!

It has been a busy week with lots of "maintenance"  activities.  Yesterday I finally went and got my hair  cut and returned to its original color, no more gray highlights for me!   While i was out I ran into a beautiful scrapbook store called Paper Muse.  It is very elegant and definitely has a vintage vibe.  While there I saw this little package of paper mustaches, hats, and monocles and she had decorated an egg with them.   It totally made me smile so I had to buy them.  I failed to take a picture of her egg so I had to recreate it at home.

Paper muse egg

Isn't he great?  I cannot remember what she had him sitting on but I decided to add the collar and bow tie.   Okay, I think you know where this is headed.  I realized that I could make all the pieces with my punches and stamps.  Do you want to see what I came up with?  Here goes!

Egg with many moustachesMustache made with Many Mustaches a la carte stamp.  You have 4 different mustaches on 1 stamp!
Egg with bird punch

Mustache made with the Bird Builder punch.  It is amazing how many uses this punch has!

Egg with Curly label punch

Mustache made with Curly Label punch

Egg with heart punch

Mustache made with the  Full Heart punch.

Once I started punching I started seeing mustaches everywhere!  Okay, that sounds a little scary.   Here are some quick pictures to show you how I made the hat,  collar, bow tie and mustaches.  

Egg hat
Word Window punch and 1 1/4" circle punch

Egg collar
1" ( width) strip of Whisper White cardstock.  Cut a 3/8" slit and fold back at an angle.  The length of the strip depends on the size of your egg.

Egg bowtie
Smallest heart from the Heart to Heart punch and 1/4" square (this is retired but simple to cut out)

Many moustaches
Many Mustaches A la Carte stamp

Bird punch moustache
2 wings from the Bird Builder punch.

This post is getting really long and I just realized i did not take any pictures of the monocle or the other mustaches.   If you would like me to show those leave me a comment or send me an email and I will post them.   

Trio eggs

You still have time to make these so get your punches out!    They are going to look so eggcellent on your Easter table!



Too clever love them




Clever! This is so cute and original! Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter at the same time.

Nancy Dawson



OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Fun...Fun...Fun...


Joy Jones

They are just adorable and creative too!!

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