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CPC Tooth Fairy Door & Accessories!

For a child, losing their first tooth can be both exciting and scary!  And for the parents, it’s another passing moment that signifies that their "baby" is growing up.  This Tooth Fairy Door project is intended to help make the arrival of the Tooth Fairy enchanting and memorable for kids and their parents alike!

 The Tooth Fairy door sits on the child’s nightstand, alongside the little bed and side table.  On the bed the child lays their tooth, and on the side table, they sign a "thank you" card.  When they go to sleep, the Tooth Fairy has a way to enter quietly into their room, take the tooth and the card, and in place leaves a little gift of money or a small toy.  On her way out, she leaves the door a bit ajar, so there is no mistaking that she has been there!

Tooth Fairy Door & Accessories

This special Tooth Fairy project comes to you designed by Tara!  To get the instructions for Tara’s project, just subscribe to May! 


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