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For the Birds Thinking of You

I have a  simple card to share with you today.  I have not been feeling very creative lately and honestly it is frustrating.   I will try again tomorrow and hope to have lots of new things to share with you soon.

For the Birds and Hardware

Isn't this a great background?  It is the Hardwood stamp and it is so handsome, perfect for a masculine card.  

For the birds hardwood inside

What is your cure for the lack of creativity blues?  I would love to know.  Leave me a comment and share what gets you out of a creative slump.


Kit Marie

Your creative juices will get juicy again... it's in your blood. When I am feeling low, I take Vitamin B and find a card to copy. I can't help but put my own twist on it, and it usually ends up looking totally different :)

Sharon  Hashimoto Burkert

Thanks Kit Marie! Great suggestions. I will give it a try and hopefully you will see something new posted soon!


I have to agree with Kit Marie, creative juices are definitely embedded in your DNA, you'll get it back. But it can be so frustrating. The usuals: SCS gallery, Pinterest, come to your blog for ideas, look through papercraft magazines, even look through prior years of SU catalogs. Sometimes an unrelated distraction to entertain my mind is just the ticket. Love this card, thanks for sharing all you do!

Sharon  Hashimoto Burkert

Thanks Laura! Lots of good suggestions. I especially like the unrelated distraction concept!


these long cold winter days don't do much for inspiration BUT today.. SUNSHINE GALOR, and then daylight savings get me thinking to SPRING a much needed jolt and looking for new card IDEAS and finding your site PERKS ME UP

Sharon  Hashimoto Burkert

Thanks Bobbie! Yes, longer days and hopefully more sunshine (soon) will definitely help!

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