Fun Folds Swap
A Flower for You...Happy Mother's Day!

More from the Stamp Ladies Fun Fold Swap

Ready to see more fun folds?  This one is from Laurie Gaudette.  She certainly went the extra mile.

Fancy fold swap Laurie Gaudette

It is a pretty card but wait till you see it open!

Fancy Fold swap Laurie Gaudette open

Isn't it amazing?  I love it!

Here's a handsome card made by Kivonne Tucker.  This card is just a perfect man card, might be a perfect card for Father's Day.

Fancy Fold swap KivonneTucker

Wait till you see this card open.

Fancy Fold swap Kivonne Tucker open

Such a clever card!  I love the folding she did.  I have more fun fold cards to share so come back and visit soon!  



Wow! Such wonderful cards! I love them all! I foresee you making many new tutorials! :) Thanks so much for sharing them with us!


Beautiful! Beautiful!
Would you please direct me to the instructions to make Laurie Gaudette's card? It is lovely!

Sharon  Hashimoto Burkert

thanks Cherie. I do have a very talented team of demonstrators. I will work on some tutorials soon!

Sharon  Hashimoto Burkert

Hi Sue,
I am sorry I am not sure where to find the exact directions to make Laurie's card. It is basically an easel card but instead of 2 easels she made 3. This is not exactly what Laurie made but hopefully will give you an good idea on how to make the card.
So instead of gluing the outside flaps down you make them in to easels like the center. I hope this helps!

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