Gift Card Enclosure Pack...I'll Miss You!
From the Herd Birthday

Cheerful Critters Graduation

I meant to post yesterday to start the month of right but the day got away from me.  

Cheerful Critters pul up 15-05-01

Cheerful Critters Pull Up card 150501

Not sure what the proper name is for this style of card but I call it a Pull Up card.  I was going to put that in the title of the post but somehow Cheerful Critters Pull Up Graduation card sounded like a different kind of graduation than I was thinking of.  Anyway, I gotta scoot I have people coming over for a class in a few minutes!  If you want more information about the card let me know.  

Stamp with you soon,


(Saw a sneak peek of the catalog and oh my, it is a fabulous one!)