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I am working on a project that requires stamping 50 sentiment in a pretty tight space.  The sentiment will be punched out so I thought about stamping the sentiment and then punching the circle out.  This would be one way to do this but it seemed too time consuming   I thought about what tools I had that would help me. I am sure you are not surprised that I reached for my Stamparatus. 

The Stamparatus is not a tool I use every time I stamp.  However there are situations, like the one I am in that it is an invaluable tool.  Here's a quick refresher on how I used the Stamparatus to quickly stamp 50 sentiments.

The project requires the sentiment (from the Poinsettia Petals stamp set) to be stamped on a 2" circle. Here's what I did. 

  • Punch out all the 2" circles
  • On a scrap piece of paper punch out the 2" circle (template) and position it in the corner of the Stamparatus
  • Position the stamp/sentiment in the circle (template) where you want the sentiment.  Close the lid to attach the stamp to the Stamparatus plate
  • Place a 2" circle in the circle (template).   


  • Ink up the stamp
  • Close the plate and apply pressure over the stamp


  • Perfectly stamped sentiment
  • Remove the circle from the template
  • Repeat


Using the Stamparatus it took very little time to stamp 50 2" circles.   This is  good to remember since we are heading into the time of year that we are stamping multiples like holiday cards.

Thank you for stopping by.  Hope this little refresher on one way to use the Stamparatus was useful!



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