Moving 2010

Moving Day!

Today we are moving in to our new( new to us that is)  house.  The movers are here and it is chaotic!  In addition to the furniture, drawers  and paper racks I have 70+ boxes devoted just to my craft room.  Not sure how I am going to get it all in a standard size bedroom!  A couple of the guys who packed up the house are also unpacking the truck and they are shaking their heads about where all the crafting stuff is going to go.  One guy suggested that I should take over the garage, I like how he thinks especially since it is a 3 car garage!  

So, what have I been doing since i last blogged?  About 3 weeks ago  we  moved out of our house in Spokane and into a 2 bedroom apartment.  It was a fun urban experience since we were in downtown Seattle.   From our apartment you could see part of the Macy's star, the Olympics, and a glimpse of the Sound.  It was so easy to walk downtown and shop and enjoy all the Christmas decorations and festivities.

I tried to stamp a few times while in the apartment and the combination of poor lighting,very limited space and poor packing made it really difficult.    I know I had a plan when I packed my stamping stuff but  what made me think that I would remember the plan  and seriously who doesn't pack some Real Red cardstock?  Don't get me started on how slow the internet was in the apartment.     

I am hoping to get at least a few craft room  boxes unpacked and some stamping done in the next day or 2 so bear with me!  Have a fabulous day and wish me luck as I battle the boxes!